1:- What Is Named Patient Medicine

  • Approved but not yet commercially accessible in the patient's country to be prescribed
  • Approved and available in one nation, but not in the country where the patient lives.
  • In the patient's nation, it was stopped, but not in another.
  • There is a scarcity in the patient's nation, but not in another.

2:- What is the Named Patient Program all about?

Some drugs have recently been approved in the United States or Europe but have not yet been licensed in India. They may, however, be necessary for the treatment of individuals who have exhausted all other therapeutic choices accessible in their nation. The Patient Program, as its name suggests, aims to make it easier to import such medications for personal use. The Indian Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, have a clause that allows patients to import certain medicines in limited quantities. Other nations have similar regulatory provisions. We help patients prepare legal paperwork for import and link them with approved vendors in other parts of the globe to ensure they receive authentic products.

3:- How you can get or place an order for named patient medicine in India

To place an order, you can utilize one of the following methods:

Please send your order immediately to contact@cellgenbiopharma.com through email. After receiving your email, we will answer within 12-24 hours. Please include information about the drug, such as its name, strength, and quantity. Along with the email, you must also send a copy of the prescription and the patient's Indian government-issued identity card (picture with address).

4:- What information do you want from me in order to expedite the processing of my purchase?

To complete your order right away, we'll need the following papers:

  • A prescription from a Doctor – Signed and Stamped.
  • Your order confirmation email must include a scanned copy of your doctor's prescription.
  • The prescription must also include the doctor's registration number.
  • Patient's ID card - To complete the order, we will need a scanned copy of the patient's ID card. A copy of a passport or driving license or Aadhar card, or any other photo ID document can be used as an identity card.
  • Other documents may be asked (if required )

Purchase Order Form - If you decide to buy medicine through us, we will send you a Purchase Order Form via mail. This must be filled out, signed, and sent to us along with the other documents listed above.

5:- Why is the item I received not the same as the image on the website?

Images on the page are occasionally derived from images published by manufacturers particular to a nation or region. They undergo modest modifications over time as a result of legal changes, country-specific, language-specific, or batch-to-batch variances. It is not always possible to cover all potential variants on a website. However, for all of our goods that are delivered through our services, we guarantee authentic sourcing.

6:- How long did it take to deliver the medicine?

It generally takes 2 to 3 weeks working days for the medicine to arrive, however, it depends on case to case basis after confirmation of your order and payment. Due to the tremendous strain on postal systems and customs, there may be further delays

7:- Is the order being delivered late or not at all?

We shall use all of our resources and documents to ensure that the medicine arrives at your location in a safe and secure state within the time frame specified. However, we are not liable for any delays, loss, or damage to your order during the transportation, or for the medicine's inability to be received in the destination country/port. The Patient is solely responsible for obtaining the medication (his relatives). We will provide you with your medication courier's tracking information. To learn more about customs clearance and associated duties, please contact the courier service or the competent government.

8:- What alternatives do you have for making a payment?

  • We recommend solely using Interbank Transfer Modalities to send money.
  • For transfers within India, use online net banking.
  • SWIFT (Secure Wire Transfer) from outside India.

10:- What if I don't have my prescription with me when I place my order?

Only after getting a prescription from a medical practitioner, we can supply medication. Without a valid prescription, the medication cannot be dispensed. If you do not have a prescription while ordering medication, please visit your physician before placing your order.

11:- What assurance do you have that the product will be of good quality?

We obtain medication through the company's authorized channel partners only.

12:- What is the cost of shipping?

The cost of shipping is determined by the quantity, country, and product. Items that must be transported at a specific temperature (between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius) will cost more than products that may be shipped at room temperature. Logistic costs, documentation, and authorization NOC clearance are all included in the shipment charges.

13:- What is the order confirmation procedure?

Order confirmation procedure:- Receiving your Purchase Order Form along with supporting documentation (a copy of the prescription and the patient's ID card),

Upon receiving this confirmation, our supplier will generate a Pro-Forma Invoice detailing the drug, quantity, strength, price, logistic costs, and any other fees that may apply.

The Pro-Forma Invoice will include the supplier's license number, contact information, and bank account information.

You will be asked to pay online using the bank account information listed on the Pro-forma Invoice.

Once payment has been confirmed by the Supplier, the medicine will be dispatched. We will keep you informed at every stage of the process.

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